Bed linen

Bed linen

Luxurious bedding

Our bed linen can be found in exclusive apartments, villas and luxury hotels around the world. They improve the experience of your guests and bring it to a whole new level to wich they will always gladly return.


  • high quality combed cotton yarn from reliable sources
  • only the best eco-friendly dyes from reputed sources
  • contemporary processes, technology and quality control


Lasts almost forever and can be washed at 95°C

Meets all health requirements for anti-allergy and natural materials

It is safe and reliable because we use proven practises and quality control according to the most demanding european standards (OEKO-TEX)

Stand out with an impressive and unique design

Adding to our historical archive of more than 2.000 different design selections,

we are also able to create your own custom made design.

Branding your entire service experience

Extensive custom options with your name, logo or design

Design team on your disposal

Reliable personalized service

Choose from a wide range of designs that covers all your ideas

More than 2.000 designs and samples

Traditional or contemporary, geometrical or abstract design elements

Multiple color combinations, sizes, patterns and tailoring

Bed linen with inside flap or button closing

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